Scanning and indexing our archives for preservation and access.

An 1878 blacksmith receipt from the archive. 


Using high-resolution imagery and information to relate the stories of Roseville.

Our Carnegie Library Museum is 102 years old now.

We've been busy fulfilling our mission by preserving Roseville's history. With volunteer support, Roseville's newspapers from the past are being indexed for easier access. You could be a part of it too. Help us open a window onto the past as one of our volunteers.

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As we continue to carry out our mission by preserving stories, photos and documents from the community, our view on the past becomes clearer. Sometimes connections are made or a new perspective is gained when we discover an unknown piece of information. Each historical tidbit we capture sharpens our focus and the historic picture becomes easier to see.

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Phoebe Astill officially named new Roseville Historian!

The Roseville Historical Society has named its curator, Phoebe Astill, as the next Roseville Historian. The late Leonard "Duke" Davis held the esteemed position until his passing in October, 2014. The Historical Society's by-laws call for an official named historian and its board voted unanimously to name Ms. Astill. Ms. Astill is a 5th generation Roseville native and has worked with the Historical Society over 20 years. Her insight, knowledge and experience are invaluable to the Carnegie Museum. Ms. Astill will be honored at the November 18, 2015 City Council meeting with an appreciation Resolution and Commendation. Congratulations Phoebe!