History is Everyone's Responsibility

We learn from our past in order to achieve greater influence over our future…

We all felt the loss, and many of us cried deep tears the day we saw the flames at the beautiful World Heritage Site of Notre Dame. Gratefully, the tragedy that could have unfolded was not the absolute worst. Let’s use this recent memory as a reminder about our own history and our own community and ask the question - How do we protect Roseville’s history?

Our past is among the “youngest” in the entire world. The gold rush began in 1848 and we became a State in 1850; not really that long ago in comparison. But someday future generations will look to our buildings and our sites of significance, and these citizens will want to know the influence that these historic places had on their city. Our original Fire Station and Carnegie Library Museum in Old Roseville, our Tower Theater on Vernon Street, our Pioneer Ranch Property in West Roseville, to name a few. Each of these sites is owned by the city of Roseville. Private ownership includes the Haman House, the Kaseberg Mansion, and the 1914 Belvedere Hotel (just sold to a private owner).

Each of these places and structures have significant links to Roseville’s past and each has a contribution to our story.

Why save these historic buildings? Why not write books, frame photographs, and hang plaques instead? Roseville has certainly done their fair share of books, photos and plaques! But here’s the difference - when a young student stands before an original 1879 brick smokehouse and learns first hand how our early pioneers had to smoke their meat for preservation, and when that same student walks into a 75-year-old art deco theater, they gain a new perspective about life before they were born.

Their eyes are opened. Their minds are opened. A new insight is gained and another seed for the love of their community is planted.

Why do we send our children to Auburn and Sacramento to learn about local history? Because both Sutter’s Fort and the Bernhard Museum are excellent examples of hands-on history! Children remember their field trips to these places long after their visit. But, there’s very little about Roseville history in Sacramento and Auburn.

Our community has beautiful historic places where children can learn. Our West Roseville Ranch Property (Fiddyment family pioneer home) is the perfect example. The Historical Society and the City are currently partnering to stabilize and renovate this historic place. It can easily be the site where our students visit to learn about their own, local history. Afterall, this is the last place in our area where original 1879 pioneer ranch buildings still stand!

But it’s going to take effort. And it’s going to take our community coming together to create a voice for saving our history.

Will you join us? The Roseville Historical Society’s mission is to protect, preserve and promote the history of Roseville. When we work together we win exponentially. We win for ourselves, and we will for the future of our community. We want you to join the Roseville Historical Society so we can all be together in taking history forward.